Air Link Communications Managed Video Transport  is a revolutionary service that allows for SD or HD Video to be distributed anywhere in the country or the world. Live Video is fed into our proprietary system and transported in real time anywhere on the planet.

This Service is currently being used by Independent Television Stations, and Direct to Home Television Service Providers for Content Acquisition and Distribution, thus saving these Companies from making large investments in Content Acquisition Equipment. Video Content can be transmitted from any Television Station or Facility, sent through Air Link’s Managed Video Transport Network, to any End  Point chosen by the Customer; this saves the Customer from Costly Satellite Uplink.


The virtual headend at our data center allows our team to provide foreign channels to our customers by converting TV signals down-linked via satellite or through cables into a form which can be watched on TV display devices. We provide our customers with a server and once they have a public IP address and a stable internet connection, they can now access all of the channels available.