Data Center and Colocation

Air Link Data Center’s proficient and highly recognized colocation facility offers space, security, cooling, power and connectivity for collocating data infrastructure. We take great pride in our high quality systems and efficient customer service.

Carrier Neutral Connectivity

We provide Multi Carrier Connectivity which allows our clients to cross connect from major telecommunications providers.  As a result we offer Carrier Neutrality which ensures that the customer has the ability to choose who they connect with. More than 75% of carriers have redundant cable runs to Air Link’s Data Center, offering unsurpassed resiliency and backup solutions.

Cabinets, Cages and Suites

They are flawlessly designed to fit any business need required. Air Link Networks Colocation Services provides space from one (1) Cabinet in Colocation to over fifty (50) in your very own Caged Suite, all while developing tailor made packages to suit any business and budget.

Data Center Specs

Site Specifications

  • 1500 SqFt (Current Capacity)
  • 6000 SqFt (Future Capacity)
  • Bomb Shelter Design
  • Elevation of 192 Feet above Sea Level
  • Outside major Urban Areas

Floor Loading

  • 200+ lbs per Sq Foot Floor Loading

Power Systems

Utility Power

  • 250 KW Power with 1MW Expansion Capacity


  • 250 KW with 1MW Expansion Capacity
  • 1000 Gallon Diesel Tank

Other Specs/Features


  • Over 420,000 BTU (Current Capacity)
  • Over 1,500,000 BTU (Future Capacity)
  • 70-72 Degree Fahrenheit Set Point
  • 50% Relative Humidity


  • 100% Carrier Neutral Facility
  • 100% Cisco Powered network
  • 100M, 1G, 10G Uplink Ports
  • Standardized BGP Routing
  • Satellite VSAT Backup’s Available


  • 24/7 365 On –Site Security
  • 24/7 365 Video Surveillance with Daily Off Site backups
  • 2 Point Proximity Access Control
  • Customer Access limited to pre-registered personel

Fire Suppression

  • NOVEC 1230 “Clean Agent”
  • Fire and Smoke Detection located above/below raised Floor
  • Off Site Monitoring with Routing to Fire Services