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Our World Class Teleport and Data Center Strategically Located on the Island of Trinidad (South of Hurricane Belt) , gives us Access to Key Satellite Footprints throughout North and South America from 127.0 Degrees West to 40.5 Degrees West. Our Facility Sits on a 7 Acre Plot with in a Natural Valley, protecting our Satellites from RF Interference and High Wind.

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“If we can See it we can Receive it”

Air Link Communications Teleport Services offers unsurpassed Scalability and Redundancy with over 18 Satellite Antennas and (2) Movable Back UP Antennas. Ranging in Sizes from 3.8 Meters to 9.2 Meters.

Why Choose Our Teleport Services?

Teleports are very costly to build and maintain. The average costs can range from a couple million USD to Hundreds of Millions USD. Why Re-invent the wheel when it is already invented?

Air Link Data Centres’ Teleport solutions can offer the same services at a fraction of the cost compared to the hefty investment to fabricate, manage and maintain a similar facility on your own. By incorporating our Teleport solutions as a managed service, you are entrusting your needs to a well-trained, proficient and well qualified team to handle maintenance, signal levels and alignments with ease.

Air Link’s Data Centre specialises in offering you a network that can open up new opportunities for growth. Achieve greater control and insight with the precise infrastructure so you can focus on your core business. The right technologies can benefit your business become faster and more receptive to new opportunities.

Air Link Data Centre can help increase your efficiency while using new technologies securely e.g. Teleport Solutions, Managed Video Solutions, Colocation, and Cloud Solutions. You can grasp new markets faster and respond more rapidly to changing customer demands. And undoubtedly best of all, you can streamline your business without incurring large capital expenses while being hassle free.

An improved teleport service, helps speed application delivery, enables robust collaboration, ease customer interactions, enhance productivity and ultimately open potential opportunities.

Everything delivered, uplinked or downlinked with an optimum level of security, flexibility and scalability not readily achievable in the past. Capitalize on the value of your network services by linking connectivity to the specific application performance you need.

Case Studies

Guardian Media

Guardian Media CNC 3, encountered some issues during a live broadcast, this came about due to their host position and experienced various signal interference causing their picture quality to be severely derogated. It was imperative for CNC 3 to obtain a good steady quality since the world Cricket season was upon us.

Air Link Data Centre Division was contacted and was competently ready and equipped to provide Teleport Solutions. One significant element for Air Link Data Centre to be able in providing such quality and effected downlinking services is based on our tactical location of the Trinidad and Tobago facility. Our facility is advantageously situated in a valley, low disaster risk area and low RF Noise Levels.

Air Link Data Centre was able to successfully provide Teleport service to Guardian Media till today. A reliable, professional and growing relationship has been built between Air Link Data Centre and Guardian Media Ltd since early 2012. Guardian Media Ltd is one of the largest media group in the Caribbean.

Green Dot Limited

Soon after Green Dot Limited, received their license to provide subscription television services to the consumers of Trinidad and Tobago, Green Dot Limited embarked on building its own Down-Link facility in the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain.

Subsequently encountering numerous technical and logistical challenges, the management of Green Dot Limited decided that it was not a feasible business decision to invest millions of dollars in constructing a Down-Link facility, while they had an option of retaining the services of a world class facility already available for use (Air Link Data Centre Division).

This decision inevitability led Green Dot Limited to becoming one of the largest subscription TV providers in Trinidad and Tobago, by leaving facility management to the experts at Air Link Data Center Division they were able to focus on building other core parts of their business.

In early 2009, Air Link Data Centre Division began providing services to Green Dot Limited and has successfully maintained a good rapport and current client base.